Auto Loans

Enter to Win

Instructions: Visit It's Me 247 Online Banking. Click "Info Center" then under "My Preferences" click on "Personal Information" and enter your email or submit your email address to a participating credit union staff member for entry. If you already have an existing email in the system you are still eligible to participate if you enter a new or updated email address during the contest period.

Special Savings and Discounts

Being a credit union member gives you access to many exclusive discounts and benefits. It's just another way we help show our members some love.

Turbo Tax

This year, be confident your taxes are done right with TurboTax Federal products. Prepare your return online with TurboTax and experience the following benefits:

  • Save up to $15 on TurboTax Federal products
  • Faster refunds
  • 100% accurate calculations, guaranteed
  • Extra help for deductions to maximize your refund
  • E-file status
  • Access to prior TurboTax Online returns