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KCCU Community Corner

Cedar Springs Senior Party Sponsorship:
At the 57th Annual Meeting, the KCCU Board of Directors presented the Cedar Springs Senior All-Night Party with a sponsorship or $1,000. The senior all-night party will help celebrate the achievement of the senior class.

Members Donate to Veterans Home:
KCCU recently wrapped up a fundraising event for the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. Thank you to all those that purchased flags and helped raise $200!

Tablet Give-A-Way:
Congrats to Stephanie Reynolds, the winner of our MyKCCU App Tablet Give-A-Way. Stephanie won the tablet by logging into It's Me 247 via the MyKCCU App.

CU in the School:
Each school year KCCU runs CU in the School at Palmer Emementary

Celebrating 57 Years:
Members enjoyed refreshments, comaraderie and door prizes at the 56th Annual Meeting. Elections were also held for the board of directors.

More Annual Meeting Photos:
Wendy & Jane working the sign-in booth at KCCU's 57th Annual Meeting.